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10 | No-Fenu Oatmeal Choco Chip


This NO-FENUGREEK Oatmeal cookie is perfect for moms who’d rather skip this particular supplement but still enjoy the milk increasing benefits of Milky Nibbles Lactation treats. Perfect snack for supporting breast milk production. Homemade with all natural ingredients and supplements that are proven to aid mom with producing more breast milk whether nursing or pumping. The lactation cookies are delicious and may be eaten any time of day that you need to make more milk. The time it takes for them to increase your supply may vary. You should begin to notice an increase in milk supply within 2 days of consuming the cookies.

Milky Nibbles are baked fresh from scratch in my home. *Milky Nibbles may contain wheat, eggs, and traces of nuts. If you have an allergy please notify me prior to purchasing to discuss an allergy free option for you!*

Cookies may be eaten immediately or you can freeze them for up to 6 months. Lactation cookies are safe for your entire family to consume. If you have any questions about the cookies or ingredients please contact me directly.

  • Homemade with organic rolled oats, flour and flaxseed
  • High in calcium, folic acid & vitamins B, B12, C, D
  • Great source of iron & vitamin A