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Our Approach

Milky Nibbles are literally "all-natural" ingredients that help accomplish the goal of increasing Mom's natural ability to produce nourishing breastmilk for her baby(s). Our treats provide one of the easiest solutions to overcoming the obstacle to having "enough" breastmilk to confidently nurse on demand and pump for storage. In addition, we've revamped the formula and decided to put the power back in your hands by developing a MIX so you can easily store and bake as needed. Just add your own perishable ingredients and you have a sweet treat to increase your breastmilk!

Our Founder

Valerie is a pregnancy, birth + postpartum Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor with a genuine heart for Moms being both INFORMED + CONFIDENT in their abilities to feed their babies breastmilk from the first drop of colostrum. A Mom herself, Valerie understands that being savvy and having practical resources are key to Moms having the lactation experience they envision. Based on personal experience, feedback from clients and a recognized need, Valerie developed a cookie recipe formula that's safe for both Mom and baby and actually nourishes the breastmilk with ingredients that increases the body's natural ability to produce MORE.